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Mainstage Topics-


This year we will be talking about how to lead in this dangerous world we live in!

Executive Buy-In

Are you having issues getting your executive team to buy in? We have two executive level church employees here to help you gain the traction you need!

Building a Safety Team

Want to know how to build a team or even where to start? This introduces concepts on how to build a new safety team or enhance an exsisting safety team.

Recruiting and Sustaining a Church Security Program

So you've built the framework of your Church Security Program,now how do you get volunteers and most importantly how do you keep them?

How to Train Effectively.

We want to equip you with the resources to train volunteers, staff members and congregants on safety related information.

Director's Forum

This is an attendee favorite! We want to give you the ability to ask Safety Directors from other organizations questions. This has proven to be a huge resource for many who need a sounding board or input on decisions.

Put Your Mask on First

Sadly, burnout in ministry is a real thing. Learn why it's just as important to take care of yourself.

Protecting Your Children

You will walk away with valueable process and procedures on how to keep the children at your organization safe while keeping it family friendly and welcoming. 

Sizing People Up

Learn about human behavior and establishing trust.

The Evolution of the Active Shooter

We will have a Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst present how the Active shooter has evolved over the years.

Active Shooter

How do you prepare your organization for an Active Assaliant. What do you do?

Run, Hide, Fight

An in depth look at the recommended Run, Hide, Fight method.

Community Partnerships and How to Finish Strong, with Hope.

How to partner with you community resources and how thrive as a ministry with hope in our troubled world.
Breakout Topics-
  • Lessons Learned from a Church Shooting

  • Church Security- The Small Church Approach

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Equiping Your Team

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

  • Concealed Carry

  • Code of Trust

  • Executive Protection

  • Key Risk and Legal Challenges Churches Face Today

  • Incident Command Systems

  • Stop the Bleed

  • Background Checks

  • School/Educational Facility Security

  • What Happens in a Shooting?

  • Incident Reporting

Past Topics-
Leadership, building a team, team design, working with law enforcement, medical ministry, incident reporting, sexual predators, children's safety, navigating church leadership, crisis management from a PR perspective, critical incident awareness, violence in the workplace, the relationship between safety teams and your insurance company, situational leadership, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), protecting your Pastor, emergency evacuations and more. There has also been a special presentations by Rock Church Senior Pastor Miles McPherson. 
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